Visually Awakened!

Although like most people, I took photos when I was growing up, it was not until 1983 that I began to take photography on as a hobby (at the age of 20).There were no photography classes when I was at school, and photography became a hobby after I  began to get frustrated with the limited application of a compact autofocus camera I  had  at the time.

This led to the purchase of my first SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera.  Thus learning  how to create ‘successful’ photos became ‘my quest!’

I began to point my camera at a whole different range of subject matter, and slowly, as  I gained greater experience, started to notice things about the world I lived in that I  had not noticed before…

Things like the way light struck different objects, its direction, the way light moulds shape and form, creates shadows and depth and the way it brings the world around us to life!

Thinking of the years prior to beginning my journey in photography, I felt that I must have been ‘walking around with my eyes closed’ for I realised how much of life I had missed…

It was energising. Ideas began to flow and I commenced taking photos of things that I wouldn’t have ever thought of taking before. Practice, practice and more practice, along with soaking up the information of magazines, doing courses and just generally having fun!!!

Now, almost 30 years later I am still having fun, exploring, discovering, communicating…

In the last 12-18 months I have begun to learn to paint and draw, and this has led me, I believe to extend the process of seeing, for I feel that I am now looking even deeper into the subject and the way the Light is effecting it. This is continuing my journey of  having fun, exploring, discovering, communicating…

It is my hope that through this blog that I may encourage people whether they are photographers, painters, those who sketch and draw, sculptors or anyone else who needs to explore or utilise light in their Art to start or continue to explore the wonderful phenomenon that is ‘light!’

David Johnson

Posted in Art

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