See with new Eyes!

Car Park Design - taken with an iPhone

Car Park Design – taken with an iPhone

I saw a quote on Pinterest last night: “Discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes.” Marcel Proust.

I thought that this was quite apt in regards to a comment that I made in my first article of when I mentioned that I love to study the light and its interaction with subjects around us.

I do this whether or not I have a camera with me, and whether or not I am taking a photograph. Light fascinates me.

What do you see when you are viewing light? Do you see its expressive nature, how it can transform the very subject before your eyes?

Light can assist in conveying many aspects of a subject. Its form, its shape, its colour. Light affects the emotional responses that we have when we view a subject, and this can be different as well depending on whether the subject is displayed as a colour image or a monochromatic (black & white) image.

The direction and the temperature of light can transform the most mundane of subject matter into a splendid one.

As you walk around the world I implore you to take a closer look at your surroundings. See it in a ‘new light.’ I believe if you take the time to do this you too will discover a new world (just like I did when started in photography).

It is, to me a most meditative experience as it takes my mind into a different world.

The world will ‘come alive for you visually’ and you will be richer for the experience. You may even decide to take up a ‘Visual Art.’ In fact, this would be my greatest wish, that you would build on your vision, pleasure in it, and start to discover the creative talents that you do have, but just need to uncover.

You don’t have the time? You have the rest of your life. It is merely a choice. Too expensive? There are ways and means.

If you think you would like to draw, pick up an inexpensive, small Visual Arts Diary, a couple of pencils (or  Artline fine tip pen), and eraser. Tuck them into your bag. Use them on the train. Get creative about finding places to use them.

You don’t have an expensive camera? You don’t need one. Most people carry a camera around with them all day. Your phone. Competitions have been won with images taken on phones.

It’s your life, it’s your creative choice. Will you choose it? To your creativity!

David Johnson

June 13,2013

Sunset - taken with an iPhone

Sunset – taken with an iPhone


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