Photographic ideas to stimulate your thinking!

Sometimes in our journey we hit creative roadblocks. Here are some ideas to get you started again, or lead you onto other ideas….

Wild Ride

Wild Ride

A backlit leaf; reflections on aluminium foil; the curvature of a step; weathered wood; night scenes; the shadow of a spiral ladder on a wall; late afternoon light on a corrugated iron roof; dewdrops on a stem of a plant; skateboard riders on a ramp; the detail of peeling paint; the worn figure of a face; the softness of a veil; A misty morning; a harbour reflection; the softness of light at dusk; slow shutter speed on a hang-glider; the delicate form of the human body; the texture of a flower; patterns in nature; the repetition of an architectural form; the colours of a bird; a flowing waterfall; the starkness of an arid area; side-lit patterns in the sand in the early morning; the receding hues of a distant mountainous landscape; the dynamic geometric shape of a modern building; the graceful forms and lines of a historical building; the speed of a motorbike rider; the serenity of a moored boat at a harbour; long shadows of trees in the late afternoon Sun; repetition of a plant in the field; a crashing wave; a solitary building against a deep blue sky; a silhouette; a bowl of fruit; the ripples at the water’s edge; the busyness of a bustling city; the rising cloud of dust at a Rodeo; the texture of food; a delicate spider web; the determination on the face of a sports competitor; the stillness of the morning; the energy of peak hour; the sadness of the homeless; the spirit of a team; the happy experiences of a child; the playfulness of youth; the foreboding coming storm; the rage of fire; the coolness of a Summer breeze; dazzling Autumn parade of colour…..

Autumn At Rest

Autumn At Rest

The dead of Winter; the surprise of Spring; a suburban jungle; weeds blowing in the wind; the joy of success; the disappointment of failure; lessons learnt; evocative fashion; a graceful bird; the richness of a green field; a ballroom dancer; the study of shape; a single subject; multiple subjects; moments in time; a curtain blowing in the breeze; the starkness of an industrial object against a steel-grey sky; remembrance; a picture within a picture; security; a different perspective; symmetrical figures; a social comment; a child’s view; animation; moving objects; the abstract image…

Light Of The World

Light Of The World

The timelessness of age; the visual language of advertising; the anticipation of a traveller; a moment on holiday; remoteness of wilderness; the sounds of life; changes in society; the serene life of Fungi; our human condition; the evidence of history; the ravages of conflict; the joy of union; create a sense of depth; use scale to heighten a subject; show camaraderie; show intimacy; use colours to convey feelings or a mood; use tones in the same way; take an informal portrait; show people at work and at play; show a change in light; show people’s thoughts; direct the viewer’s thoughts; put ‘you’ into the photo; combine an interest you have eg; sci-fi into the image; show the rays of light coming through a window; capture the rays of sunlight at sunrise or sunset; arrange related subjects on a table; star trails; moonlit subjects.

Be inspired. Be Light Inspired!

David Johnson


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