Light Inspired!

Jewels of Green

Jewels of Green

One afternoon recently, I was sitting out on the side verandah in the Sun enjoying a good book.

In one of my glances away from the book my eyes came across a most beautiful and interesting sight!

It captivated me. It was the colour Green, but not just any Green. It was Green that had been transformed. Green that had been, by the joyous light that was striking it, transformed from a single shade to many…

Naturally, the book had to wait for it was too remarkable a sight not to document, and so I did with my camera.

As I studied the scene, I lost count of the number of different shades of Green, not only in the foliage in the foreground but in the solemn Green in the background, which highlighted the foreground colour even more…

Hidden World

Hidden World

One of the amazing things about light is how it can transform a colour, a shape, or a form by its temperature, is direction and its intensity.

The lighting that drew my attention that afternoon is known as ‘contre-jour’ or ‘against the light.’ It is one of the most dynamic ways a subject can be lit, and it is one of the most sought-after lighting situations for a photographer, painter or any other Visual Artist.

I shall always be grateful that my attention wandered from the book that day, for if it hadn’t I would have missed out in being light inspired that very afternoon….

David Johnson
July 13, 2013


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