Recently, after a BNI* Meeting, a member did a ‘Dance Card’ on me. A Dance Card (or One-to-One) is when another member spends 30-45 minutes to find out more about another’s business. It’s all part of building the business relationship.

One of the questions was ‘Which Photographers inspire you?’

That is a very interesting and important question that seemed very easy for me to answer. At the time I mentioned 4 photographers and 1 painter. Sitting back and thinking about it deeply however, there are more names I would like to mention, as they have had quite a strong influence on me.

My business name is ‘Light Inspired’ and at first it is not evident that it is a photography business. I did it this way for two reasons.

  1. The name intrigues people, and people have to ask ‘what is the business about?’
  2. At a later stage I would like to bring painting into it as well, but for now it is about photography.

I explain this for I am not only inspired by photographers, but by painters as well.

Over the ensuing months I will, at the end of each blog article, highlight a photographer or painter that has (and continues to) a great effect on me as I go about my Art. Each of them has inspired me in different ways and I will endeavour to explain how they have. Today I will start off with:

Margaret Bourke-White: (1904 – 1971)

Margaret Bourke-White was a pioneer in many ways and her specialties included Photojournalism, Social Documentation, Industrial and War photography, working in predominantly Black & White.

She had a fascinating life full of challenges and adventures. I remain captivated by her imagery and her boldness in overcoming both work-related and personal challenges throughout her prolific photo-taking period from 1920’s through the 1950’s. She was indeed a pioneer.

I look at her images and can see a great sense of personal involvement from her in them. Immersing herself into her subjects, she was able to bring out graphic emotion (people) and the beauty of light, shape and form (architectural/industrial). I have read her autobiography, “Portrait of Myself” and possess another book called “The Photographs of Margaret Bourke-White.” A true inspiration!

Recommended reading:

Google Images for “Margaret Bourke-White”

*BNI (Business Network International)


David Johnson

July 25, 2013



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