Personal Vision

Personal Vision

Each of us is unique. Each of us has our own personal vision. This is true whether we are photographing, painting, sculpting, drawing, sketching or being creative in our digital or other worlds.

Our vision is unique because of our personality, the environment that we were born into and that we grew up in. Depending on our situation, we have all been influenced differently; we have made choices based on others’ influence and our perception of the world.

This is why we perceive things and indeed take different images of the same subject differently.

Even today, when, in a time when we are bombarded with more images on a daily basis than we have ever been, the uniqueness of an Artist’s personal vision still shines through like the Sun bursting across the landscape at Dawn.

Your personal vision is important. It says something about you.

What is your personal vision? How do you nurture it? How do you develop it?

What are your images, your paintings, drawings, sculptures, sketches and digital creativeness saying about you and about what you think of the world?

It is worth pondering this. Tell me, what is your personal vision?

What do want to achieve through your creativity?

Written by David Johnson

August 6, 2013

James Mallord William Turner    (1775  – 1851)        

Turner, as he is known came into my life approx. 3-4 years ago. I had decided to take up painting and naturally started to investigate different Artists. I started with Watercolour (briefly), migrated to Acrylic and have settled into Oils.

Turner is known as the ‘Painter of Light’ and I was instantly captured by not only his techniques in painting but his vision for what he saw and how he was able to transfer that vision to the viewer. He was a prolific producer, having worked on over 20,000 paintings, sketches and drawings, showing his versatility in working in Oils, Watercolour, Gouache, Pen, Ink, Chalk and Pencil.

Last weekend I was truly blessed to be able to see over 100 of his Artworks at the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra. To be that close the works of a Master and of my favourite painter is hard to describe in words. It shall be a memory that I will return to again and again.


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