Having Fun Along The Way!

Recently I had the pleasure of viewing the Lomography Photographic Exhibition at the CATC Design College in The Rocks, Sydney, Australia. This exhibition was part of the Annual ‘Head On Photo’ Festival.

As I walked through the door I was greeted by an array of colour, shape and form!

For those of you that have not experienced Lomography before, here are a couple of links for you.



Some 20+ years ago images from plastic analogue cameras had their early beginnings as a cult form of photography, the emphasis being on fun, and the weird and wonderful colours and distortion that is apparent in the images that can be produced by them.

As I wandered around the exhibition the fun element of this type of photography became more and more apparent.

Having just opened a photography business out of a passion, it was a timely reminder for me to, as I embark on this journey, to remember to have fun along the way, and to make time for personal Art projects which so often can fall by the wayside as one concentrates on building one’s business.

I like to go into an exhibition without expectation. Seldom do I read reviews before I go in as I like the Art to speak to me, personally. Also, I tend to look at the artwork first before I read the artwork is about.

This allows me to interpret the artwork myself without a description telling me what is. I can always look at the description later….

How about you?

Written by David Johnson

August 15, 2013

Artists/Photographers who have influenced me: No.3

Galen Rowell (1940 — 2002)

Galen Rowell is truly one of my favourite photographers. He began as a mountain climber and as time wore on he began to combine his two loves, climbing and photography as he wanted to show the wilderness world to those around him. ‘People Weekly’ once described him as ‘a cross between Sir Edmund Hillary and Ansel Adams, Rowell has become a cult figure to climbers and photographers alike.’

A grand master of nature and adventure photography, his images are living, vivid works of Art. As he was a participant in the wilderness his images possess and convey an emotional connection with the subject matter, whether the subject was one of the animal kingdom, a vast cliff face, or other natural phenomena.

I look at him and see a mountain climber, a photographer, a spirited adventurer. Most of all I see someone who had a tremendous vision, not only as the aforementioned, but as a true champion of the environment which will be forever documented in the Art he has left behind, and for that we can all be very thankful!

galen rowell


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