Hope For Today & Dreams For A Better Tomorrow…

Today marks a change of direction for this Blog. As mentioned in my previous post, my Blog directly relating to my business, “Light Inspired” will be located within my website (currently being updated).

This Blog will be reserved for my thoughts, where I will comment on exhibitions, books, offer tips, insights and talk about all things photographic with the occasional mention of my business.

You see I am passionate about communication in all it’s forms. I love to express, whether that be by taking photos, the written word, the spoken word or by another of the visual arts (painting, drawing etc). I sincerely hope those who are following me enjoy the new direction of this blog. Thank you for your support!

Hope For Today & Dreams For A Better Tomorrow…

Being how I have been a passionate photographer since 1982, I have over time collected over a 100 reference books on the subject.

One of these books is called ‘The Meaning of Life’ Reflections and Pictures on Why We Are Here. The images are Black and White photographs that appeared in LIFE magazine, a wonderful picture-story magazine that is very much missed by me and no doubt many others.

My copy of the book dates back to 1991. It was compiled by the editors of LIFE magazine, it is a book of short observations offered by 173 people from all walks of life: everyday people to poets, scientists to religious leaders. There are also 127 photographers who have contributed to the book. (Paraphrased from the inside cover flap).

Each time I open the book I get ‘something different’, whether it be a thought from a photo or it will be one of the observations that strikes a cord.

Today it was an ‘Anonymous’/American Red Cross photo titled ‘Concentration Camp Cleanup’, Auschwitz.

The photo is of a huge mass of spectacles.


I look at the photo and I am reminded of what a photographic friend, George Hofstetters once said, “you don’t have to have people in the photo for it to be a people photo.”

Looking at the image, one sees that each of those spectacles was connected to a human life, a human life that did not get to fulfill their hopes and their dreams in their time.

Photography can be the most powerful of the communication mediums. It can teach us about life and death; it can share our mistakes; it can teach us hope and it gives us the capacity to share hopes for today and fuel our dreams of a better tomorrow.

Written by David Johnson
November 29, 2013



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