Sky Of Fire

Sky of Fire

One of the true joys of life is being on the beach pre-Dawn. The stillness, the sea air, the sound and sight of the waves, and the anticipation of the moment when you see the first trickles of light emanating from the horizon. It truly is a magical time. One that should be experienced by all. Words do not do it justice.

The majesty of Nature in all it’s glory. The ultimate feel-good experience. The beginning of a new day in our existence. The promise of new opportunities.

I haven’t even mentioned photography yet! The chance to capture this wondrous event has captivated millions of photographers, painters etc throughout time.

Each Sunrise is different and each Artist will capture the same Sunrise in a different way, in a personal way.

The magic of light. The magic of your vision. The magic of your imagination.

If you have not experienced this yet then do so without delay. With or without a camera, it will fill you with promise and wonder and beauty, that you will take into your day, just like it has for me on many occasions.

We look forward to seeing your Artistic statement very soon!

Written by David Johnson
16 May 2014


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