Over the course of my time in photography, generally one of the things I have found intriguing is the comment ‘I can’t find the centre of interest’ when someone looks at an Abstract image.

In an image of this type, often there is no ‘centre of interest’ per se, as the whole image is actually the ‘centre of interest.’

The degree of interest in the image depends (as always) on the viewer and whether they like looking at Abstract images, which is a personal thing.

Sometimes though I think we try to apply the guidelines or rules of non-abstract image-making to abstracts and they just don’t fit.


With an Abstract image we are often presented with a non-representational of shape, colour, form, line, texture, pattern in an unreal fashion. The photographer may only show us part of the subject as well.

I believe the best way to view an abstract image is not getting too bogged down in details. Just appreciate it as an overall image and you too will begin to discover the joys of this genre.

Written by David Johnson
21 May 2014
Car Park Design Line and FormPatterns of Life


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