“Better” Photos

Working in camera stores at times over the years it has been amusing to hear the following question when a customer is trying to decide which camera to buy…they will say something like “which one will help me take better photos?”

This happened recently (and after we had established that the customer wanted a small, lightweight camera with a zoom that she could take on her European holiday).

Whilst it is true these days that a camera has far more technological capabilities within it than ever before (some of the features are truely outstanding, particularly compared to 10-20 years ago), a camera is still a box that lets light into it.

Previously this light fell on a film emulsion, though these days predominantly it will fall on a sensor.

Perhaps we should look at what the lady meant by ‘better’ photos? Better technically? Better compositionally? Better artistically?

Cameras these days (more than ever before) will come up with a good technical result generally-speaking.

Compositionally & artistically, thankfully the manufacturers have not encroached on this area as yet they have not managed to create a camera with it’s own imagination and ideas. More’s the pity if they ever do…

Each of us have our own individual imagination, our perception of the world. We have been influenced by different experiences and environments.

The lady ordered the camera she wants. It will help her record her European holiday well (technically) but the true measure of images she captures will be in her individual viewpoint. Happy holiday!


Written by David Johnson
1 July 2014


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