Distilling The Essence!

Bank Of LifeIn previous blog articles I have touched on the ‘State of Mind’ and the ‘Awareness’ factors when you have a camera in your hands..

Sure we can either ‘free-wheel’ or select the subject matter we want to photograph on the day, however there is something else you might like to consider…

Recently I visited Mt Annan Botanical Gardens in the South-West of Sydney. 416ha of Native Flora. Within the Gardens exists the Plant Bank, a research facility which I find an architectural delight!

I could have simply wandered about taking what ever caught my eye and left. Instead I allowed myself the time to allow the Plant Bank’s architectural forms to communicate to me as I walked around outside and inside the 20140701-IMG_5047-1building.

This allowed me to gain a ‘sense of place’, so that I might get in touch the it’s essence. Ideas begin to form which were then communicated through my choice of composition, technique and artistic licence.

I have no doubt that if I had employed the free-wheeling technique I would have left less satisfied with both my experience and images. Instead I came away a feeling that I was enriched, both with a better understanding of the facility, and the architectural art I was presented with.

Written by David Johnson
12 July 2014



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