The Perfect Portfolio

On a Saturday morning, I often like to sit by the window in the Sun (Winter here at present), relaxing, having a cup of Tea and whilst flipping through a book on some aspect of Photography or other Visual Art-form.

Today it was a photographic book called “The Perfect PortfolioProfessional Techniques For Presenting And Selling Your Photographs by Henrietta Brackman.

Whether you are an aspiring professional, an obsessed amateur or someone just beginning their photographic journey, this book will be of great interest to you.

I have the 1984 version and although it was written pre-digital era I believe the information will still be useful.

The precise message of the book is that you, as a photographer, need to have a direction.

What direction you choose is totally up to you of course, as is the case with any Art-form, i.e. it won’t tell you what sorts of photos you should take (because after all, we are all different and find ourselves in different situations/callings).

What the book will do is to get you thinking about why you need a direction, and assist you in determining your direction. It also takes a look from the client’s perspective and discusses presentation and editing and arranging your portfolio.

Although the media has changed in the last 30 years the principles still apply and I still believe it is a valuable addition to my bookshelf and to my photography and hope it will be for you as well.

Written by David Johnson
2 August 2014


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