Recently, along with members of 3 Camera Clubs I ventured to Joadja Creek an old Shale mining town in the Southern Highlands of NSW Australia.

I had been down there 3 times before dating back to the 1980’s however I had not been there for some 12 years.

Although some restorative work is taking place with some of the roofs, Joadja is largely how I remember it, a place of history, an ornament to the Scottish part of our heritage and a wonderful place to let the mind relax.


In the past I had gone down there with just photography in mind however this time around was a bit different. This time I took my camera, my iPad and my pencils.

The camera to capture the place photographically, the iPad to capture it in words and pencils to do some sketching.

Included here are some of the images I took and I also have included a link to my other blog, ‘Observations & Other Writings’ where you will see a poem I wrote about Joadja when I was down there sitting amongst the ruins…



If you do find yourself on the area, drop in for a visit. It is a place that will capture both the historian and the artist in you.

20140926-IMG_5683-1   20140926-IMG_5658-1

Written & Photographed by David Johnson, Light Inspired

27 September 2014


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