‘Photography Of The Age’

The title of this article comes from a photographic book I purchased some years ago. It’s about Newspaper photography within Australia, highlighting the 22 photographers who shot for ‘The Age’ Newspaper in Victoria, Australia. The book was published in 1993.

I chose it from my bookshelf this morning as my ‘Saturday morning selection.’

It is compiled by Kathleen Whelan, photographer & lecturer of over 30 years (Masters Degree in Education) whose work is represented in collections around Australia and the U.S.A.

Before it moves onto the photographers, it discusses the role of the newspaper, legal and ethical constraints, processing, presentation, the press photographer’s role and characteristics of good newspaper photographs to name but a few of the areas covered.

The author then delves into the minds of the photographers, gaining insights as to their individual views as to ‘what they look for’ and ‘how their minds work’ when searching for and conveying an idea. Example images from each of the photographers are included.

Towards the rear of the book there are several case studies that cover the image, statement, camera use, design and print quality of selected photographs.

Finally, there are 26 ‘projects’ for the aspiring Photography, Art, Studio Art or Media Studies student to do.

All in all a fascinating book that I am grateful that I have on my bookshelf. I find it an inspiring read, packed with images that inspire, intrigue and amuse.

David Johnson
21 February 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015



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