Personal Expression, Commercially Speaking

Regardless of your chosen medium, you as an artist must endeavour to be able to define your audience.

If you are a Commercial photographer then perhaps you would have images that would fall into the following categories:

  • stock (images that may come in handy for future projects/ideas)
  • commercial (depending on your market) your categories could be architecture, travel, sports action, portrait, people, event, Nature and so on…
  • personal

As an Amateur/Enthusiast you are free to go and choose whatever you want to photograph. As a Professional (within your industry) you too have that freedom of choice to a certain extent…

You can choose what type of photography you would like to build your business with but once chosen you need to stick with it, you need to continue to hone your skills and concentrate in one or two areas.

That is the business side of your photography. Your personal side is important as well, though, for you have within you certain imaginings, desires and a personal message to impart.

Setting enough time apart to explore your own ‘personal expression’ is one of the most important ways you can spend your time, and you don’t always have to have a camera with you when you do it.

Let me say that again. You don’t always have to have you camera with you when you do it…

What I’m talking about is those moments when you get that ‘idea’ materialising in your head, or those moments where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of modern living and start to think about the things you have photographed and the things you haven’t photographed.

  • Have you thought about what you next ‘personal theme’ will be?
  • Have you thought about the way you can express your message better?
  • Have you thought about your next personal photographic project, be it a book, an exhibition etc?

A personal project can also help invigorate your thinking, your way of looking at things.

The world needs your imagination. The world needs your Art. Inspire us!!!

Written by David Johnson
3 April 2015

© Light Inspired/David Johnson 2015


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