New Beginnings

I started this blog in June 2013. Initially it was going to be the blog for my Photography business, Light Inspired. It quickly became a place where I began to explore various aspects of photography and it has been an enjoyable blog to write.

Two changes are happening at present:

1. I’m working on a new website for Light Inspired which has a blog function within it, so when it’s up and running it will contain photography posts.

2. I’ve begun a new blog called ‘Communicating Creatively’

My main interests are Photography, Poetry, Public Speaking, Oil painting & Writing.

Photography has been the dominate interest for a long time in my life however the other interests have been ‘gaining ground’ over the past few years, and in some cases are now combining and as such I have created the new blog (rather than end up with a blog for each interest).

I love to observe the world and then, love to endeavour to communicate what I see via mediums I find fun!

All of the above interests share a common theme, communication.

I would like to invite my followers of this blog to check out ‘Communicating Creatively.’

It has been set up with Category Pages so that when you click into the blog, if you are interested in Photography you click on the the Photography page, Poetry, the Poetry page and so on…

At times on the blog the interests will cross-over as I am exploring different ways of communicating what I observe in the world.

I will leave this blog up for now (until the new one has been up awhile). Some of the posts from this page may appear on the new blogs though I am aiming for mainly new content.

Once the new Light Inspired business blog is active, I shall post this address on this and on Communicating Creatively.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those people who have either followed this blog and ‘liked’ any of the posts.

Kind regards,

David Johnson
30 July 2015


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