• Married to Susan Johnson for 18 years. Susan is a wonderful inspiration for me both personally and professionally!
  • Most of my career has been in the Finance industry (30 years) however I spent 3 years in Photographic Retail & have run a Photographic business (2012- Present)
  • Social Media Strategist for SJ Growth
  • I love to communicate via photography, the spoken word, poetry, writing, drawing or painting
  • https://observationswritings.wordpress.com

LIGHT INSPIRED – Fine Art Photography

I’ve enjoyed photographing since 1982 and have been building up an image bank during this time. Over the years I have photographed with Slides, developed and printed my own Black & White images and some years ago converted to Digital Imaging.

I love to study the light that falls all around us, what it does and how it interacts with the World around us. This interaction is what drives me in photography. I want to seek it out, explore it, communicate by it.

Photographic Achievements:

  • Multiple Club awards: Image of the Year (1); Top Shot of the Year (4); Slide Photographer of the Year (1); Monochrome Photographer of the Year (1)
  • Acceptances at National and International level.
  • 1st in an International Exhibition
  • Placed 3rd in a National Exhibition
  • Multiple Acceptances in National & International Exhibitions.
  • 1995 decided to become a photographic judge within the Federation of Camera Clubs (NSW) Ltd. Since that time I have judged at Clubs in the Sydney metropolitan area; regional and country clubs either at the club, by correspondence or online. Along the way I have judged at Interleagues, Interclubs and Top Shot Competitions, and up to and including National Exhibition level.
  • 2012 I enjoyed mentoring my first photographic portfolio group. My role was to help and encourage them to take their creativity to new shores.
  • Macarthur Photographic Society Inc  – Member for 28 years (formerly Campbelltown Camera Club). Hold record for Club Merits for Slides(204)
  • Southern Highlands Photographic Society Inc – (Founding) Member for 11 years

Over the years I have enjoyed showing my images in a number of ways e.g.

  • Camera Club Competitions
  • Local Shows
  • Entering National & International Exhibitions
  • Internet/Social Media

I am always on the lookout for ways that I can do this and am out most days exploring the World with Photography (via DSLR, Compact or Phone) as it is an inherent part of who I am.

In the not too distant future I am aiming to have an Exhibition of my images.

Love Art! Love Communication!

Professional Development:

Public Speaking. I joined Toastmasters International in March 2008 and Campbelltown Toastmasters was my home Club from March 2008 – September 2014.

Am in 2 Toastmaster Clubs:

  • Camden Toastmasters – joined August 2014 – present.
  • The Grange Toastmasters – joined June 2015 – present.

Since joining Toastmasters I have achieved the levels of:

  • Competent Communicator / Competent Leader
  • Advanced Communicator Bronze / Advanced Leadership Bronze
  • Won 4 speech Contests: Campbelltown Toastmasters International Speech Contest 2013 & 2014 & the Area 40 International Speech Contest 2013 & 2014
  • Led 3 Youth Leadership Courses in 2012/2013
  • Held Club Executive positions of Vice-President Public Relations 2008/2009; Vice-President Membership 2009/2010; Vice-President Education 2012/2013
  • President for 2013/2014 / Immediate Past President 2014/2015 (till September 2014)

Other Interests:

  • Enjoy reading Sci-Fi & Fantasy as well as self-development and business books,
  • Growing Cacti & Succulent plants.
  • I have also started to learn to paint with Acrylics & Oil and enjoy having a dabble with Inktense Pencils; Pencil; Oil Pastels and Watercolour.

Through the blog it is my intention to explore the communicative experiences of Art, and in particular photography and painting as I continue to study light in all its forms.

It is my sincere wish that you find the Blog interesting and thought-provoking!

Best Regards,

David Johnson,

“Light Inspired” – “Be inspired. Be Light Inspired!”


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